Instant Full cream milk powder

Instant Full cream milk powder

Instant Full cream milk powder (IFCMP) is the spray dried & instantised whole milk powder manufactured from pure fresh pasteurised cow’s milk. The powder is commonly agglomerated and enriched with Vitamins (A & D3).

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Physical & Chemical Specifications:

Moisture 2.5% max
Lactose 36.0% min
Butterfat 26.0% min
Protein 24.0% min
Ash 7.0% max
Solubility Index 1.0 max
Titratable Acidity 0.15 max
Colour Cream/White
Flavour Pleasant

Microbiological Specifications:

Standard Plate Count 50000 cfu/g max
Coliforms 10 cfu/g max
Staphylococcus 10 cfu/g max
Salmonella Negative
E. Coli 10 cfu/g max
S. Aureus 10 cfu/g max
Yeast & Moulds 250 cfu/g max
Sediment Disc (/25g)Disc 2 max

Shelf Life:
3 months optimal, 6 months or longer if refrigerated.

25kg bags Kraft paper multi-wall with inner polyethylene liner.


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