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    1664 Kronenbourg

    Product Type: Beer
    Packaging : 24 x 250 ml cans per shrink wrapped tray
    32 pallets in 40 ft container / 26 pallets per 20 ft container
    108 Trays in each pallet
    24 cans in each tray

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    Alfalfa Hay

    Customers highly prefer us because of our practice of delivering the orders in an organized condition and on time. Our organization has a wide supply network, which enables us to serve buyers  anywhere.

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    Almonds Nuts

    This product is derived from pasteurized almonds.  The almonds are processed and packaged in accordance with Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) under sanitary conditions and are labeled in compliance with all applicable State and Federal Food

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    • Freight & Surcharges are subject to change without notice
    • Bookings subject to space and equipment availability
    • All destination charges are account consignee unless otherwise specified
    • Bookings subject to terms and conditions of bill of lading
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    Anhydrous Milk Fat

    Anhydrous milk fat is the product obtained from prime quality raw materials (milk, cream or butter) to which raw materials no neutralizing substances have been added.


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    Fresh apple juice carries a significant amount of vitamins A and C! You can mix your fruits and vegetables together to make your own great tasting juices from carrots, tomatoes, cucumber, or melons. As you explore this, you will also be able to receive more of the great tasting nutrients carried in other fruits and vegetables.

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    Aptamil milk

    Aptamil Baby Milk, Infant baby milk powder aptamil for sale Germany

    Aptamil with Pronutra+ Growing Up milk is nutritionally tailored to your toddler’s stage of
    development. It is based on semi skimmed milk with nutrients they need between the ages of 2 and 3.
    The unique blend of ingredients includes Vitamin D, an important nutrient for toddlers as it
    supports normal bone development. Use Growing Up milk as part of a varied, balanced diet.

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    Use in minute quantities, adding directly to cooking liquid, frying in oil, or steeping in water. Asafoetida is used mostly in Indian vegetarian cooking, in which the strong onion-garlic flavors enhances many dishes, especially those of Brahmin and Jain castes where onions and garlic are prohibited. It is used mostly in south and west India, though it does not grow there.

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    Atlantic Salmon Fish

    Product Name: Frozen Salmon Fish.
    Specification (Size): 4-6,6-8, 8-10, 10-12pcs/kg
    Processing: BQF(Block
    .Product Name: Frozen Salmon Mackerel
    .Specification (Size): 4-6,6-8, 8-10, 10-12pcs/kg
    .Processing: BQF(Block Quick Frozen)
    .Catch Way: Net Catch or Light Catch
    .Packing: 10kg/ctn or per buyer’s request
    .Shelf Life: 12 months under -18 degree C

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    Azuki Bean

    The single largest use of the “ann“ products is as fillings for bread (annpan), steamed breads or dumplings and sweet cakes. Although many other beans and legumes are also used to make these pastes the Azuki Bean is the most prized due to its desirable red color, its delicate flavor and the characteristic grainy texture of the pastes made from it.

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    Barley Bran

    NAME: Organic Barley Bran
    COUNTRY ORIGIN: Australia
    INGREDIENTS: Organic Pearl Barley Grain
    MANUFACTURING METHOD: Stone Milling System


    COLOUR: White Sandy colour
    FLAVOUR: Full Barley Flavour
    SIEVE: 600-1200 micron screen
    MOISTURE: Max. 12.5%

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    Barley Feed

    Barley (also called groats) is botanically known as Hordeum vulgare, and is believed to originate in western Asia or Ethiopia. Dating back to the stone age, barley is still considered one of the top five cereal grains in the world.

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